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Comp Departments


HD 1000-500X2000 CNC to lath the rolls and groove notchings on these rolls

Grinding Machine

It is used to renew and remake of all the blades of hydraulic and flying shears


Steel rolls and maintenance requirements

Local manufacturing workshop

To produce all steel mechanical spare parts

Water Treatment Plant

Purifying and treating the water up to specs.

Main Pulpit ( Control )

Commanding the production operations

Electrical Sub-Station

An electrical station used to transform electrical power ( 66-20 ) K.V with total capacity of 10 M.V.A


It is used to test the samples on tensile and elongate devices to reach the demand of international specifications.

Trucks and Vehicles

Fleet of trucks and vehicles ensure the transportation of the raw materials and the finished product from and to plant


Sub-Station and transformers to feed the proper electrical needs.