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Main Departments

Heating Furnace

It is fuel operated furnace to heat up billits up to 1150 - 1200 Degrees Centigrade , this furnace is fitted with thermal regulator to maintain and adjust furnace temprature.


It is a steel structure equipped with a 12.5 tons crane , this hangar contains the production line consisting of : furnace section - rolling line - cooling bed - finishing and binding section.

Cooling Bed

The last step of the production line in which the product is cooling down to be ready to inter the shear and then binding machine.

Rolling Mill

The rolling mill consists of several machines ( N11 ) which provide the final production , according the different sizes of rolls section.among this machines we have 3 different shears in a different technical specifications.

Binding Machine

It's a machine working upon Hydraulic System , it collects the final product into bundles by using metallic wire ( Dia 6 mm ) , each one has suitable weight to the market and demand.

Cold Shear

This shear is installed after the cooling bed and it is designed to cut the product into the final required length , the shear process is done through hydraulic circles for the required length.