Introductory preface to JoudCo Steel

Solely for the objective of being distinguished , we managed to be recognizable and reach this advanced stage of companies age.Since the outbreak in the year 1933 held by the late ( Mohammad Deeb Joud ) , as long as the foundation was sailed and built on healthy and productive principles , success and continuity were the visible objectives for this outbreak, and by the intrusting God the almighty , the ( Joud Company ) name became a star that lightens in the sky of our homeland ( Syria ) , where Joud company ever cared to be basic incorporator in developing the Syrian economy of its various sectors in addition to the neighboring Arab states and in shaa allah will play a competitve role in the world markets.
Since Joud company managed to combine two difficult affairs which are diversity and specialization , in spite of the massive diversity in the investments of Joud company but it managed to reach distinction and specialty in each investment done by it firstly through the careful study for each investment in details by the board of administration organized in the company according the international and scintific standard and through the periodic meetings ever held to propose and study every project work proposed by the company in an objective and scientific fashion in away for the result to be sized on the light of the international standards.
In consequence of this hard and patient activity Joud company was granted the ( ISO 9002 ) certificate , and certainly our ambition will not be limited to this range for we ever bear promising and flourishing look to future ever since Joud company is growing in a sound invistment medium in Syria which entitle it through the novel investment laws to gradually step up in the world of economy , for import-export to engineering industries , to soft drinks , domestic appliances and to heavy industry which was the most and latest development for Joud company which was given the name of ( JoudCo Steel ) where foundation of this firm started in Lattakia 1998 on a total area of 3500 Sq.m with the objective of manufacturing steel reinforcement bars sized of ( 8-32 Mm ) in addition to the light industries that contain angles of sizes ( 2.5 - 4 Cm ) and the flat iron bars and ( T ) section iron along with the square sections bars.
For the total production capacity of 150000 Ton/Year through 5000 working hours annually , and for this grand edifice to be accomplished to the most extreme accuracy possible , Joud company signed a contract with one most distinguished Italian companies wich acquires international fame , Pomini company , which is pioneering firm in its fields and arranged for the very many local engineers and techincians of all fields and specialties to gain the Italian experience scince the first day installation works by Italian experts to go on production process with the extreme accuracy sought following to handing over of the factory by the Italian company , execution was actually affected according to the conditions agreed upon and we started to produce reinforcing bars viewing the international standards that empolys the technology of ( Thermex Cooling ) that offers great external stiffness and internal elongation and tensile strength , besides reserving rust resistant surface for longer periods even in severe atmospheres , and the product quality essentially depends on raw materials used in manufacture process which is th ( Billet ) where JoudCo Steel imports this materials from the largest European companies according to the international standards besides full manifestation of the chemical composition of ( Billet ) material , aiming to offer a product of compititive price and quality .
In view of the good product quality we witnessed great demand for it in local market and within the first two years of production this product acquired wide fame.
Here we state some of the companies and projects that ordered the buliding reinforcing steel from JoudCo Steel :
1- Ministry of foreign affairs.
2- Buliding and constraction company.
3- Milihouse Est.
4- Omawieen square ( Damascus ).
5- Ariha high way - Khorafi Co.
6- Aleppo Sheraton hotel - Khorafi Co.
7- Lattakia city metros network ( Alsahel Co ).
8- Directorate of irrigation.
9- Union of teachers.
10- Bridges and high ways Co.
11- Kalamone university.
12- Free zone building - Lattakia.
This good reputaion served to increase orders from the neighboring countries like Lebanon.
Thus , JoudCo Steel has started its first step correctly , this assessment is built on customers' satisfaction for the product high quality and the accurate delivery timing aided by us owning distinguished transport fleet for the objective of insuring orders to the best fashion.
In consequence to this encouragement by customers , we shall step on firmly and trustily to the consequent stages looking forward success as in the prime stage wee deem the satisfaction and encouragement of our customers as the prime factors behind success our company is ever working hard to reach.

With the kindest gratitude in advance for your esteemed trust in our products.