A report on activities - 2006

- our products in year 2006 were limited to produce deformed reinforcing bars of various sizes ( 8-32 Mm ) amounted to App.44000 bands equals to 115000 tons.
- A great demand was placed on our products which was satisfied according to priorities , thus our sales were as follows :
- The total market App . 90000 tons.
- External Market : App. 25000 tons and recently .

- During the yeare 2006 the world market viewed massive economic variations which were almost often a function to the politic development witnesses by the world and Middle East area in particular which served to a general rise of raw materials and other production auxiliary materials due to Euro exchange rate to this is added the rise in oil prices and consequently the great jump in the prices of oil derivatives which forms basic elements in our products.

- Consequently the prices rise served to greater inflation in fiscal cycle and certainly this was associated with slight increase of profitability not to mention the scanty rise took place in profitability coursed by this inflation which granted a scarce push to us to proceed operation and study the development potentials.
- Expansion was affected to the land on which the project is built , this is though purchasing a new land to be used as warehouses in addition to the installation of hydraulic shearing system for billet which will facilitate production besides investing a land plot in the free zone on which warehouses were built and furnished with equipment as was planned to erect a factory for cold galvanized and rolled wires along with purchasing new machineries to incorporate in smoothing production steps in addition to expansion the land transport trucks to increase our capacity to deliver products to costumers in due courses.

Expansion Plans

These include finishing the wires factory established in the free zone in addition to produce the light industrial sections and parts which is planned to take place next year .